Granite Bay Connections (CONNECTIONS) employs a program design that is easily tailored to each individual's needs and strengths.

  • Positive attachment to the greater community is encouraged through the pursuit of unpaid or paid vocational opportunities, community interaction (e.g. grocery shopping, unpaid volunteering, etc.), and community based recreation (e.g. YMCA, State Parks, etc.).
  • Positive community interactions are supported and assessed through contributions to the welfare of others in the home, active participation in conflict resolution, and regular, supportive house meeting participation. As a means of reducing potential conflicts from the power struggle of opposing interests, the modifying environment promotes a culture of mutual respect arising from a healthy partnership of individual and staff working toward a shared goal.
  • A Cognitive-Behavioral or Dialectical Behavioral approach is used to process behavioral incidents, fostering a rudimentary understanding of the ongoing connection between "Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors". "Self-Check" reporting opportunities encourage the individual to develop self-monitoring, self-cuing, and personal responsibility. These, and other feedback tools, are woven into daily programming, empowering the individual to begin the process of taking positive control over his or her goals and future.
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