Granite Bay Connections (CONNECTIONS) is committed to serving local New Hampshire communities. With a long tradition of working with immigrant, refugee resettlement communities, CONNECTIONS views a diverse staff team as a source of strength. If, after reading the Agency’s profile, you feel that your talents, background, and values closely resemble the Agency’s Mission, Vision, and Values, we encourage you to download an application for employee or sub-contractor.

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The following positions are currently open:

Direct Support Professional: Residential, Day, Overnight, Relief (non-exempt, hourly)
The Direct Support Professional is an hourly, benefited employee who works under the immediate supervision of an assigned Program Manager, often, in conjunction with an Enhanced Family Care Provider and in accordance with Granite Bay Connections, Inc. personnel policies and State guidelines. Shifts and schedules vary according to program need and travel/transfer between program sites and community is required.

Respite Provider (temporary contractor)
The Respite Provider subcontracts with the Enhanced Family Care (EFC) provider to furnish respite services, time off (e.g. weekends, holidays, and/or leave) for the EFC Provider. While there are general guidelines for acceptable remuneration, the EFC and Respite contract with one another for agreed upon services.

Enhanced Family Care Provider (EFC)
An Enhanced Family Care (EFC) Provider is a live-in roommate for an Adult with Mental Retardation who struggles with Mental Health and Behavioral Issues. The EFC Provider is required to assume the responsibilities for the care of the home (i.e. lease, utilities, shopping, etc) with the ongoing assistance of Granite Bay Connections. Per contract, they are paid a monthly stipend that covers operating expenses of home, the expenses associated with caring for the individual, and for services rendered according to difficulty of care. In addition to the application, selected EFC Providers must accept all contract terms.

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