Granite Bay Connections (CONNECTIONS) is a locally owned and operated human service agency that was founded in April 1997 by Caroletta Alicea and Kasai Mumpini. CONNECTIONS works in partnership with the funding agent to accommodate the multi-faceted needs of each supported consumer as an “individual” with unique hopes and goals. The CONNECTIONS Service Team regularly meets with representatives from referring regions to ensure all services are provided in an efficient manner, fully responsive to the personal needs of each individual. Each CONNECTIONS staff team works closely with other participants in the individual’s circle of support.

The framework for all service provisions is contained within the Individual Service Plan (ISP). Through the ISP, programming is developed to support the individual at their highest level of functioning. While offered and provided supports may vary according to the specific needs of the individual, all services are rendered in community-based environments. These one or two person homes are situated in rural settings situated tobalance community access with a need for privacy.

By securing and maintaining paid employment, participating in activities of daily living, and/or enjoying local opportunities for recreation, all supported individuals are encouraged to become active members of the communities where in they reside. CONNECTIONS supports persons with a variety of challenge sranging from clinical syndromes (i.e. psychosis, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.), personality disorders (i.e. antisocial personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder), to intellectual disabilities (autistic spectrum disorder, mental retardation, etc.). Moreover, CONNECTIONS is committed to supporting individuals with significant challenging behaviors, even those resulting in criminal justice system involvement.

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