Granite Bay Connections (CONNECTIONS) believes that it derives its strength from the diversity of its collective professional and cultural experiences. With organizational growth, management candidates are selected based on their ability to complement existing team strengths. As the bearers of the Agency’s Vision, Mission, and Values, the Executive Management Team of CONNECTIONS models teamwork and close collaboration. Utilizing a compressed organizational hierarchy, every level of management enjoys active involvement in the delivery of services, remaining intimately aware of the day-to-day operations of each program site. Experienced professionals, each member of the Executive Management Team is committed to serving the needs of challenging individuals during periods of intense fiscal, regulatory, and political change, within the context of an ever shifting social services delivery system. By placing the “hopes and dreams” of the each supported individual at the center of CONNECTIONS’ philosophy, the Executive Management Team is able to steer the Agency through periods of uncertainty, ensuring the organization remains true to its purpose.

Caroletta Alicea, President & CEO
As President, and Chief Executive Officerof Granite Bay Connections, Inc., Caroletta Alicea provides direction to Agency Management and serves as the liaison between the Board of Trustees and the Executive Management Team. With over thirty (30) years of experience in all levels of management, she ensures that the Vision, Mission, and Values of the Agency are likewise infused at all levels of service delivery.
Phone: (603) 224-0044
Email: [email protected]

Kasai Mumpini, Senior Vice President
As Senior Executive Vice President, Kasai Mumpini provides direction to Agency Management. With more than twenty (20) years of leadership experience serving individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities throughout New England, he affords the organization an expansive understanding of service delivery systems.
Phone: (603) 224-0044
Email:[email protected]

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